Learn from Autistics is an advocacy organization providing practical solutions based on autistic input for families and educators of autistic individuals.

We believe autistic individuals should be at the forefront of the public conversation about autism.

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The Learn From Autistics Blog features regular interviews with autistic individuals. Read stories and advice from the real experts.

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Learn From Autistics publishes resources teaching about neurodiversity and environmental accommodations based on autistic* input. We understand every autistic person has a voice and that neurotypicals must respect and address the needs expressed by autistics and not dismiss them as flawed because of where they came from.

We believe that autistic input should not be merely sought out as an afterthought or addition to NT advocacy efforts, but rather, that autistic expertise is essential and fundamental to understanding autism.

Our website offers a variety of practical parenting and teaching resources with an emphasis on respecting the voice and dignity of the autistic person.

Check out our Resources section or visit our Blog for more information!

The Learn From Autistics Blog features regular interviews with individuals on the spectrum and promotes their individual work and advocacy efforts.

Leave us a comment or send us a message if there is something you’d like to see.

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*This website uses “identity-first” language (IFL) rather than “person-first” language (PFL) out of respect for many of the contributing blog participants. However, PFL is used in interviews where that is the personal preference of the interviewee.

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