Neurodiversity 101 Webinar

Neurodiversity 101: Tips for promoting autism acceptance and raising more confident and capable Autistic children Full Transcript Below Hi Everyone, my name is Jenna Gensic, and I’m the founder of, a website which aims to connect parents and caregivers with Autistic voices and expertise and helps promote Autistic writing and Autistic-endorsed resources. I regularly…

Autism Interview #136 Part 2: Eric Evans on the Intersectionality of Race and Autism

Eric Evans is a Communication Specialist from Philadelphia with an interest in developing innovative solutions to communication-based conflicts, as well as curriculum development for educational seminars ranging from mental disabilities to community outreach. He has developed training programs for police to learn to identify Autistic civilians and interact with them in safe and appropriate ways. Last week, Eric shared some of his experiences growing up Autistic and Black as well as his advocacy work training police officers in Philadelphia. In Part Two of his interview, Eric discusses allyship.