Autism Interview #130: Emily on Diagnosis and Sensory Processing Disorder

Emily is a graphic designer from the UK who is a blogger and illustrator in her spare time. She blogs at 21andsensory and also hosts her own podcast where she discusses topics relating to autism and sensory processing disorder (SPD). Emily blogs in order to bring people together to discuss their sensory problems and how they cope. It’s her mission to help others understand that sensory problems aren’t something children necessarily grow out of, but learn to live with and adapt to for the rest of their lives. This week Emily shared her positive diagnosis story and the ways she lives with and manages SPD.

Winter Clothing Sensitivities and Autism

boy-1528151_640With the colder weather, comes the need for additional layers, and, in our house, additional stress from sensory sensitivities. All of my children have varying degrees of tactile sensory issues that are exacerbated with additional clothing. They all seem to warm up quickly and grow uncomfortable in long sleeves. In this article, I’ll share some of the approaches that have succeeded and failed as I’ve tried to protect my children from the elements over the last several years.